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ITS Group is pleased to present the newest device: unique combination of Alexandrite and Nd:YAG laser. Splendid blend of two forceful laser sources allows to perform wide range of treatments, from epilation, vascular and pigmented lesions treatment, to small surgery. Knowing that each laser source has its limits, ITS Engineers merged two crystals that can be used separately, or in a MIXED modality, teaming up their capabilities to assure highest precision and efficacy.

Countless treatment possibilities

In case of epilation, two laser sources are complimentary and fill each other’s limits. Alexandrite 755nm laser gives an excellent result in epilating patients with Phototypes I-III, people with darker skin types can be treated using modality MIX, where the operator decides the percentage of each laser outputs, in order to maximize the result but at the same time minimizing the risk of epidermal injury.

In modality of vascular lesions treatment ITS Group proudly offers 600J of power generated by Tirannus, allowing to efficiently treat many vascular abnormalities, including telangiectasia, Spider Nevus, varicose changes of leg veins, cherry angiomas or port wine stains.

Countless possibilities for Tirannus don’t finish at Vascular treatments. Newest ITS device is highly effective also for removal of pigmented lesions, which are circumscribed, stable malformations of the skin, recognised by and excessive deposit of pigment. In case of benign pigmented lesions, laser treatment remains the method of choice and Tirannus is a powerful, no-lose device, excellent for this purpose.

Last, but not least application of Tirannus is small surgery procedures. This term includes treating keratosis, skin tag and warts. Those overgrowths and rough lumps appearing on the skin, can be successfully removed by a specialist, with help of the highest quality ITS device.

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