Reduced glutathione for injection 1200 mg


Glutathione is a natural tripeptide present in the cells of all the organs and apparatus. Its wide distribution is connected to an extended variety of biological functions and has fundamental importance in numerous biochemical functions.
Being the prosthetic group of glyceraldehyde phosphate dehydrognase and coenzymes of glyoxalase and triose
Glutathione has important role in tricarboxylic acid cycle and glycometabolism. Through activating many enzymes, Glutathione can promote the metabolism of carbohydrate, fat and protein; its free sulfydryl group represents a powerful acceptor of free radicals and its connection which is created between Glutathione and free radicals determines the formation of acids which are easily metabolized and lessen the damage caused by chemotherapeutics or ionization radiations without influence on therapy, especially in enteritis stimulated by radiations; Glutathione also can promote restoring, lessen tissue damage caused by hypoxemia of total or local body which always represents in anemia, intoxication and tissue inflammation. GSH can protect liver in Add to dictionary, Add to dictionary and in activating hormone, increase metabolism of cholic acid, and promote assimilation of fat and Vitamin (A,D,E,K) in alimentary tract.



(1) Adjuvant in intoxications by chemotherapeutic (cisplatin, cyclophosphamide, Adriamycin, rubidomycin, bleomycin), lessen the damage caused by chemotherapeutics without influence on therapy, so be able to increase the dose of chemotherapeutics.
(2) Adjuvant prophylaxis and treatment of damages from ionization radiations.
(3) Adjuvant in hypoxemia: such as acute anemia, ARDS (Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome) septicemia and so on.
(4) Adjuvant in hepatitis caused by virus, pharmaceutical, ethyl alcohol, and other chemicals.
(5) Adjuvant in intoxications by organophosphorus, amino-or nitro, compounds.
(6) Glutathione helps reduce free radicals and tissue degeneration. A reduction in fine lines and wrinkles is often the result, and for Skin Whitening and Hyperpigmentation. 


1. Administration route:
(1) Intravenous injection: the product being dissolved with water for injection and added to 100ml NS (normal saline) or 5% glucose solution, administration by intravenous drop infusion. Or be dissolved in less than 20ml saline, administer slowly by i.v.
(2) Intramuscular injection: The product is dissolved with water for injection and then injected.
2. Dosage:
(1) Chemotherapeutic: In 15 mins before chemotherapeutic, 1500mg/m2 need to be dissolved with 100 ml saline. Then complete the administration in 15 mins. During the 2nd-5th day, 600 mg, i.m. once daily.
For CTX (Cyclophosphamide) treatment, after the injection of CTX, Reduced Glutathione should be immediately by i.v. in 15 mins. to lessen the damage of urinary system.
For cisplatin treatment, dose of Reduced Glutathione should not be more than 35mg/mg cisplatin to avoid influence in chemotherapy effect.
(2) Liver impairment: intravenous drop infusion or i.m.
Viral hepatitis treatment:1200 mg, qd ,iv, 30 days, serious hepatitis,1200-2400mg, qd, iv,30 days; active cirrhosis:1200mg, qd ,iv, 30days; fatty liver:1800mg, qd, iv, 14-30days, alcoholic hepatitis:1800mg, qd, iv,14-30 days&O5307;drug hepatitis:1200-1800mg, qd, iv,14-30days.
(3) Other diseases: Such as treatment of hypoxemia, (1500mg/m2) must be dissolved in 100ml saline and initiated by intravenous administration. Until improvement, dosage can reduce to 300-600mg once daily, i.m. for maintenance.
(4) Skin whitening:
Can be administered intravenously or intramuscularly 3 g one time and one time a week. 



(1) The product must be used under the medical supervision in hospital.
(2) The product for injection must be dissolved completely. The solution must be clear and colorless. The dissolved product can be kept for 2 hours at room temperature and for 8 hours at 0-5℃.
(3) Keep out of reach of children.


No adverse reactions has been observed in the case of overdose. 

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