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Gnatus introduces G4, the dental set that arrives to inaugurate a new stage in the life and work of those who aim to evolve from their own talent. 

The dental set Gnatus G4 has been idealized in order to highlight the concepts of Biosafety and Ergonomics with the latest technology. 

Its design has been carefully crafted to offer maximum confort and versatility. 

With a fully integrated control pedal, LED dental lights system, spacious delivery unit that carries up to six terminals, and 180° folding water unit, Gnatus G4 dental set has the attributes that make the difference in the professional´s daily routine. 

The Gnatus G4 is an invitation to live a whole new reality.

Dental Chair


Chair with automatic movements, ambidextrous (for right- and left-handed), triggered by direct current gearmotor. Bold design with rounded lines, providing modern and harmonious look.

Steel structure with surface treatment using nanotechnology. High brightness fl at paint epoxy-based, polymerized in heater at 250 °C, resistant to corrosion and cleaning materials.

Base with ergonomic design, steel-built, protected by non-skid edging.

It has 2 holes which allow fixing the chair to the floor.

Ample upholstery, with lumbar support, mounted on a rigid frame covered with high resistance injected polyurethane, lined with laminate, seamless and  non-toxic.

Involving curved backrest that, besides providing comfort to the patient, allows a closest approach to the operative field. Proactivity in the removal of the backrest from the thorax, facilitating cleaning and disinfection, through the Easy-Fix* system.

Anatomical, removable, bi-articulated headrest* and height adjustment, with anterior, posterior and longitudinal movements.

Cervical support* provides greater comfort to the patient.

Fixed armrest with rounded finish, dispensing movement and facilitating cleaning and disinfection.

Second arm* (retractable) with lateral opening facilitating patient access.

Integrated pedal* unifies all foot controls, allowing chair, equipo, water unit and reflector triggering. Distinctive chip-blower system, which allows releasing the air stream with the turbine stopped (air jet function).


Water Unit

Water unit for odontological use, for auxiliary work such as water supply for waste collection and spitting and sucking activation; ambidextrous (for right- and left-handed).

Attached to the chair, with electronic control panel which activates the following functions:

Water in the bowl, water in the cup holder and water heating of the triple syringe (optional).

Set structure built with steel body covered with high impact polystyrene, high brightness fl at paint-epoxy based polymerized in a heater at 250°C with phosphatized treatment, corrosion and cleaning materials resistant. Round bowl´s cuspidor, with 253 mm diameter, removable, providing a perfect disinfection.

Upper part of the unit with suitable location for the best spitting position, 180° foldable bowl providing total patient comfort.

Hoses are smooth, rounded, soft and flexible, without grooves or striations. Sucking hoses with quick coupler which easily connect and disconnect without the need for tools.

Water flux regulating system allowing fine-tuning in the bowl and the cup holder water flux.

Double system for water supply (network/reservoir) optional.

Master valve (key for water cut) optional.

Tips support, with wide horizontal movement providing greater ergonomics. Automatic selection of tips through sensitive pneumatic valves, allowing lightness in its trigger. Frontal catcher of easy access, facilitating the movement of the articulated arm (available in the models of units with reach arm).

Programmable timer for water trigging in the cup holder and in the spitting bowl by a time interval set by the professional, providing bigger water savings at the office.

Drain for solids retention, triple syringe (optional), swivel nozzle, removable and autoclavable syringe.

Suctors with automatic triggering, easy to use, that provide an excellent operational performance, allow professionals a better visualization of the surgical field and reduce the risk of contamination by aerosol and greater patient comfort.

High power suctor with low voltage individual electric triggering provides lightness and precision during triggering (optional).

Translucent water reservoirs (for syringe and spray tips) and chlorinated water (for Bio-System).

Bio-System: disinfection system, which provides the internal hose and terminals cleaning through liquid bactericide, preventing risk of cross contamination.


Delivery Unit

Equipped with side panel and central control.

Flexible, removable and autoclavable tips support, protecting them against impact.

Tips movement through retractile rods with lock for tension release of the hose that provides lightness of movements, allowing greater proximity to operative field. Articulated arms with wide horizontal and vertical movement, with pneumatic locking, triggered by button located under the equipo body, providing gentleness of movement and stop at the desired position.
Frontal bilateral catcher easily accessible, with distinctive design.

Equipo body built of high impact polyethylene.

Steel structure with surface treatment using nanotechnology. High brightness fl at paint, epoxy-based, polymerized in a 250° C heater, resistant to corrosion and cleaning materials.

Smooth hoses, without grooves or ridges, rounded, soft and flexible.

Dental Light

Illuminating Dental Light for dentistry use adjustable up to 35.000 Lux. Smooth movements and dull white as the standard color, compatible with all surroundings.

Activation by means of the foot control of the dental chair (for the models of Dental Lights attached to the chair).

Composed by a new light emission system, using LED technology. This abbreviation is the acronym for Light Emitting Diode, a totally different form of emitting light, when compared to conventional devices with halogen light. Apart from being infinitely longer lasting (more than 50.000 hours) and with low electrical consumption, the LED’s have become the most compact ergonomic devices, with easy installation and transportation.

Allows the dentist to choose the brightness according to the procedure (brightness with white light or orange light), which depends on the version chosen.

The following types of activation are available:

The use of white light is recommended for normal procedures of work (lighting of the operation field).

The use of orange light is recommended for procedures of work with fotocurables materials therefore do not interfere at the curing.

Through Optical Sensor and Pedal control of dental chair: Activation by optical sensor while approximating the hand, which provides convenience in operation, being a great ally in controlling cross infections.

The LED’s protector is made of resistant and transparent material, protecting it against aerosols. The arm is made of steel with vertical and horizontal movements and has rounded corners. It also has a smooth finish and is easy to clean and is asepsis.

Structure made out of steel with a surface treatment using nanotechnology. Highly shiny smooth paint with an epoxy base, polymerized in an oven at 250ºC, resistant to corrosion and cleaning materials.

The head is made from resistant material, with a 620º rotation providing lightness, long life and extensive mobility in all positions (Standard models) The head has total angular focus adjustment for the models with “Orbital” arms.

Bi-lateral handles allow isolation avoiding the risk of cross contamination.

Multimedia Kit and leather upholstery * Optional items

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