Shifu Plus

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Shifu Plus is a high intensity focused ultrasound technology, studied and manufactured specifically for aesthetic and medical use, which allows to perform deep lifting treatment for face and body. Following the appropriate operative protocol, we can get immediate and long lasting results over time comparable to surgical lifting, smoothing and shaping even the most sensitive areas, with a no invasive treatment that avoid all risks associated with invasive surgery.

The technology

Thanks to its innovative focused ultrasound emission mechanism, it is possible to customize the treatment from one to ten lines of “points of energy” that generate thermal coagulation points in different layers of the tissue. We can modulate the distance between the lines and between each dot and the energy as well. This action allows to treat even the muscle aponeurotic system (SMAS ), the layer of the tissue being tightened during face and body lifting surgery. There are, besides, different interchangeable cartridges to treat different depths of the tissue of face and body, granting amazing results with few sessions.

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