MediFeel 28


Hyaluronic Acid 28mg

Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC)

Phosphate Buffer Ph 7,2


The deepest wrinkles

Restore the volumes

Correct the heaviest aging signs.


ØA tendency to hypertrophic and keloid scarring
ØAn intolerance towards gram-positive bacteria
ØActive inflammatory or infective processes
ØAcute or chronic skin diseases
ØAnti-coagulant therapy
ØA known allergy against hyaluronic acid


ØNot be injected into blood vessels
ØNo clinical data for use during pregnancy or lactation or in adolescents under 18 years of age
ØPatients with multiple allergies should be excluded.
ØThe safety for use in the penis has not been established.
ØIf the package is open/defective, it may not be used.
ØNot to be re-sterilized.
ØNot to be mixed with other injection agents.
ØNot recommend to inject DX in the region of pre-treated permanent non-degradable filler


ØA local anaesthetic should be used.
ØSkin must carefully be cleaned with antiseptic agents
ØInjected sub dermally with aid of 27G needles or cannuli
ØNo overcorrection is needed.
ØDo not use more than 5ml in one treated region
ØMassage the treated area with slight pressure  

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