Meso Lightening


Range is made only natural raw materials. This set of vitamin solution is intended to be applied locally on the skin over the area to be treated.


Main Advantages

YouthFeel is a range of mesotherapy products entirely compounded with pharmaceutical grade and natural ingredients. Without DMAE, no paraben and preservative free, its 6 products are designed for non-surgical procedures.


Vitamins, amino acids and trace elements

The entire range is based on vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. Each vitamin has a specific role; another can replace none. They needed to convert fats and carbohydrates into usable energy for the human body. Amino acid are organic chemical compounds. Those used by CM AESTHETIC Ltd are among those that have been genetically encoded. Micronutrients are nutrients, and pure minerals needed by the body elements.


Introducing the range

YouthFeel consists of 6 products for aesthetical use for face and body; prevention and treatment  of aging skin, cellulite treatment , alopecia, (hair loss ), baldness and vitamin intake.


Different application methods 

The practitioner can choose the method compatible with youthFeel products to convenience for subcutaneous applications:
-          Using a (roller ) with fine needles
-          Using a machine with LED ( Light Emitting Diodes)
-          Using a mesotherapy gun
-          Using a needle pen
-          Using any other device noninvasively penetration
The choice of application varies depending on the area to be treated and the products used.


A lightning solution to reduce dark spots an pigmentation irregularities of all body.
This vitamins C and B3 cocktail whitens the skin by restoring its uniformity. 


Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid
Vitamin B3, Niacinamide
Sodium Chloride
Water for injection


Whatever the method used, the products of YouthFeel range have been designed to simulate superficial, medium or deep dermis.
From the first sessions, skin repair starts and cell stimulation enhance tissue repair.
The application is usually not painful and requires no anesthetic.
After each session, it recommended to finish the task with a moisturizer and/or soothing cream. 

Duration Of Treatment

It is recommended to take 4 - 6 successive sessions spaced of 7 to 15 days, then once a month and finally a maintenance session to practice every 2, 3 or 6 months as required.  


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