Reyoungel 10 ml


Highly cross-liked sodium hyaluronate 24mg/ml
Phosphate buffer PH 6.0 – 7.5 q.s., Sodium chloride. Sterile
Single-use syringe with sodium hyaluronate solution and single-use cannula.
Secure attachment of the cannula to the syringe is assured by the luer-lock fitting on the tip of the syringe.



Reyoungel® Derm Plus/ Subskin are intended to be used for volume restoration and contouring f body surface.
Deep subcutaneous administration is recommended.
For both products sufficient tissue cover and support are important parameters to achieve good esthetic treatment outcome.
A minimum of 1 cm skin thickness, including subcutaneous fat, is usually required to attain good results.


 Treatment with Reyoungel® gels in combination with drugs and other devices has not been evaluated studies, Other than use of lidocaine.

Application treatment-related reaction

After the injection of Reyoungel® gels, some common injection-related reactions might occur.

This reaction includes erythema, swelling, tenderness, pain, bruising or itching at the implant site.

Typically resolution is spontaneous within one or two weeks, encapsulation of Reyoungel® gel occurs, similar to permanent implants, as part of healing process.

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